Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil based Paints

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil based Paints

These paints are very common on the market. They consist of alkyd resins thinned with solvents like paint thinner or turpentine.

Advantages of oil-based paint :

* wall easily cleaned after being painted
* resists stains
* may resist chips and mars
* covers some wall imperfections
* can be purchased from high-gloss to flat finish
* may not need a prime coat

Disadvantages of oil-based paint :

* can discolor if applied over masonry
* has an odor when newly applied
* hard to touch up
* fades faster than latex paint
* thinned with a solvent, therefore more costly
* flammable
* requires solvent to clean brushes
* may become shiny after repeated cleaning

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