Latex Paint Advantages and Disadvantages

Latex Paint Advantages and Disadvantages

Top coat latex paints have been around for a long time. Some of the new latex paints provide an excellent finish. They consist of pigments suspended in water, therefore, they are thinned with water instead of mineral spirits or turpentine. You may find a latex paint with the terms acrylic, vinyl, or rubber-based on the label.

These materials are added to the latex to make it dry faster and make it more durable. Acrylic-based latex paints are fast drying, washable, durable, and ready to repaint in less than an hour. Some vinyl-based latex paints are self-priming and fast drying. Rubber-based latex paints are effectively used on metal and masonry.

Advantages of latex paint :

comes in gloss, stain, and flat finishes
dries quickly
is easy to apply and touch up
can apply two coats in one day
cleans up easily
is non-flammable
can be used on almost any surface
especially suited for painting sheetrock
spots can be touched up easily
sometimes a prime coat is not needed
can often be washed, depending on type

Disadvantages of latex paint :

may have to wait 30 days before washing
does not clean as well as oil-based paints
must be sanded between coats on new woodwork.
is not as durable as oil-based paints
may rust metal
sometimes does not adhere to glossy surfaces
some brands yellow with time
must be stored where it will not freeze
may become brittle and chip
generally cannot be used on metal and wood

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