Isocyanurates, Isocyanates and Naphthenates

Isocyanurates, Isocyanates and Naphthenates

What possibilities do triglycidylisocyanurate, toluylene di-isocyanate and naphthenates offer?

Triglycidylisocanate (TGIC) is used, for example, as a hardener for polyester-based powder paints where great durability and colour stability are important. Toluylene di-isocyanate is today used only as a prepolymer, for ecological reasons, e.g. the variant which is formed through the addition to polyhydric alcohols.

Naphthenates, like octoates and phthalates, regulate peroxide decomposition into radicals in trowelling compounds based on unsaturated polyester resins.Together with accelerators they thus influence reaction time and the pot life. Curing times will vary from one hour to several days. There are, incidentally, other methods of reaction control, namely with terbutyl catechol, hydroquinone and other inhibitors.

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