IR Spectroscopy

IR Spectroscopy

Can coatings resins be indentified by comparison with a standard using infrared spectroscopy?

Modem infrared spectroscopy is so well developed that many coatings resins can be identified by comparison with a standard. lf the sample is a mixture which gives too many peaks to be identified as it stands, prior separation using other analytical methods (e.g. gas chromatography) is necessary.

The required information e.g. on the existence of special functional groups on the acryl ate systems which are of special interest here can also be obtained from the infrared spectra. A comprehensive collection of standard spectra covering the areas of paints, adhesives or, as wished here, lubricants, is the "Atlas der Kunststoffanalyse" (D. Hummel and F. Scholl) published in several volumes by Carl Hanser Verlag (Munich).

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