Solubility of different film formers

Solubility of different film formers

How can one determine the solubility of different film formers, e.g. epoxy resins, in solvent blends based on toluene/butanol/methanol of varying composition? 

If the necessary physical data of the components are available, it is possible to determine the solubility of any given binder, in a solvent or solvent blend using the solubility parameter. If these data are not available, they must be determined and this requires a well equipped physical laboratory. lf they are obtained from tables (eg. surface tension, density, boiling range evaporation index etc.) there will still be uncertainties in the calculation because, for one thing,there are different kinds of binder, and solvents, too, vary in quality and contain varying amounts of foreign constituents.

Epoxy resins, for example,can be of the bisphenol A or bisphenol F type, they can be aliphatic and certain bromine and they can be solid, liquid or semi- liquid with different molecular weights and epoxy equivalents. In view of all these factors and uncertainties it is probably best to check the solubility of the epoxy resin in the given toluene/butanol/methanol mixture by practical tests. These can be carried out very speedily and easily, using only small amounts, provide the person carrying out the tests has a certain amount of technical knowledge and experience.

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