Types of waterborne acrylic coatings for use on steel

Types of waterborne acrylic coatings for use on steel

What types of waterborne acrylic coatings are commercially available for use on steel?

There are a number of different types of industrial coatings available that are based on waterborne acrylics. Anti-corrosive primers designed for direct application to prepared steel surfaces are usually formulated with inhibitive pigments to aid in long term corrosion protection.
Topcoats are available in a range of sheen from flat to high gloss. A special class of coatings that are designed to act as both the primer and finish coat are also available, as designated as DTM (direct-to-metal) coatings.

Elastomeric coatings are formulated to be applied as surface-tolerant, thick film coatings which provide corrosion protection and flexibility. Waterborne acrylic wash primers are meant to act as a thin film tie-coats between substrates that are difficult for adhesion (such as galvanized) and successive coats.
Two-component coatings based on acrylic/epoxy crosslinked systems are used for both industrial maintenance and interior institutional coatings, where greater chemical resistance is required.

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