In order for the paint to be perfect

In order for the paint to be perfect

Paint the walls of the house is a process for producing an atmosphere and a certain impression on a house. The painting includes a time-consuming activity, so you definitely do not want to paint that you apply on a wall produces a color that does not comply with the desire, let alone paint still costs.
So that what you have done in the painting was not in vain, the following will be given some things to consider when making a painting:

Paint brush and roller, you should use a roller of a plastic material for durability. Roller paint you choose depends on the surface of the wall. As with brushes, synthetic materials are more suitable for water based or latex paint, and made from natural raw materials such as fur cow is more appropriate when used in oil paint.
While the type of brush that is used depends on the paint you choose. Brushes of synthetic nylon or polyester fleece is perfect for latex paint or water-based paint, while a brush made from raw cow's hair is more suitable for oil-based paints.

Wall paint, wall paint should be tailored to their usefulness to the exterior or interior paint. In addition, you should pay attention to the level of sheen paint that will be applied to the room like a flat paint, eggshell / satin, semi gloss and gloss. Suitable type of flat paint to paint the ceiling, eggshell / satin has a very thin sheen, ideal when applied to the hallway and bedroom walls.
The last type is a very shiny gloss, resistance to scratching is also very good. But the kind of gloss paint is easy to show defects in the wall ynag uneven. Appropriate when applied to the bathroom, child's bedroom, and kitchen.

Priming, for best results on the wall of your house, try to always coated with a primer first. Choose the type of priming the raw material according to the type of paint raw materials of your choice, such as latex paint with latex primer as well.
To obtain maximum results, you can mix a little paint primer into the paint of your choice, it will also help save the amount of paint usage when you start painting the walls of your residence. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer listed on the cans, including the length of time the paint will dry.

Painting, in the process pengectan technique is best done by writing the letter "W", aim to paint more evenly distributed and no part is too thick or thin. Do the painting from the top downward, moving from right to left and then repeat from left to right. If you will apply the second coat you should follow the instructions on the packaging of paint.

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