What should be considered when painting the house?

What should be considered when painting the house?

In house painting activities that should be considered not only how the selection of the right color but the type of paint to use and well completion techniques need to be considered to get maximum results.
Then how to get the maximum result of painting? Consider the following tips:
The first step you should do is determine the type of paint you will use, whether you will paint the walls made of wood or a wall with a plain wall. Or you just use latex paint as the base manifold can be used to paint the walls, floors, and wood furniture. This type of paint can also be used to paint the metal.

When you have determined the type of paint used. Next you choose a paint color for the room you want to paint. Should the paint color options tailored to the theme and the impression you want to appear.

Then, determine the technical solutions might be. Generally there are three techniques of paint used, namely:
  • Flat, usually people use this technique the paint look smooth and flat with no motive and glossy coating.
  • Egg Shell, has a sheen or gloss that is very thin, and easy to clean. As the name implies, paint completion techniques such as egg shell egg shell. Slightly glossy but not too slick. Mechanical completion of the wall can disguise scratches that might occur.
  • Satin Finish, paint with a satin finish looks soft and velvety with a touch of glossy. This type of paint used to coat windows, doors, trim, ceiling and interior walls. Like the shiny satin and smooth, the completion of the painting technique of this kind makes the wall has a shiny and smooth texture. This technique is properly used for a child's room because it is more durable and very easy to clean.

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