Proper Techniques for Repainting Wall House

Proper Techniques for Repainting Wall House

Repainting the walls of the house is one step that can be done to create a more appealing impression. But, to get the maximum re-paint, you should pay attention to the correct application technique.
In repainting old paint there are two conditions attached to the wall is still a good coat of paint and layers of paint that has faded or has undergone calcification.

Of course, these conditions affect how the techniques of painting to be done so that the results are in accordance with the wishes.

Well, here are the steps appropriate to repaint the walls of houses. Listen in below:

interior house painting techniquesThe paint is still in go od condition
• Clean the surface first wall will be repainted using chlorine water.
• When dry give a coat of paint base.
• Wait 3-7 days for the base paint is completely dry.
• Then you can do the painting by providing a layer of paint according to the color you want.

Conditions of the faded paint / whitewash
• Scrape the layer of paint has faded until blended.
• Then wash with a solution of chlorine water or put a layer of primer.
• Wait 3-7 days for the base paint is really dry.
• New first started painting.
• Give the painting came a day later than the first painting.
By doing the right techniques, you will get results like the painting you want.

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