Tips scrape the old paint layers

Tips scrape the old paint layers

Often when repainting old paint adhesion problems in the paint / adhesion of new paint to old paint is not perfect. The new paint will not stick with the old paint, new wall paint off the wall by pulling back from the existing old paint


industrial floor paint This happens because in fact the new paint stick to the old wall paint adhesion strength of the wall has been weakened by time or because of calcification. To reduce this risk is generally before the painting process is usually conducted in the form of stripping or sanding cleaning. But by stripping or sanding is not really used to all the old paint is its weak adhesion can be exfoliated. To cope with this, here are tips that can be done to facilitate the peeling of old paint:

Use of Paint Remover

Exfoliation can use a paint remover. Many brands of paint remover sold in the shops the building of low to high levels of aggressiveness.
The use of paint remover with a brush's enough liquid paint remover on the surface next to the old paint as soon as the blister, the paint scraped off using a putty knife. After that the wall surface is washed to neutralize and eliminate the remnants of paint remover.

Peeling of old paint using a paint remover should be extra careful, since the fluid is a liquid acid that can damage the skin or can damage the new paint is superimposed onto the wall, if the rinsing process is not clean.

In addition, price is relatively expensive because the price of flaking paint remover is also not cheap to permeter square wall area. There should be a time lag for the perfect drying after rinsing with clean water wall because the wall to be damp, so the paint application process becomes longer.

Use of Thinner

The second way to do for the old flaking paint, is to use a thinner liquid. Thinner is better used in the old paint is peeling epoxy paint thinner. Thinner epoxy has good aggressiveness. In addition to epoxy paint thinner, paint thinner can also be used ND.

The use of peeling paint thinner for longer, safer, cheaper and has a working process much simpler. The way it works is quite a membalur paint thinner onto the surface of the old wall with a brush, and the condition is still half wet paint scraped off using a putty knife. After the scrub to dry and then paint thinner evaporates. By simply sanding and cleaning, the walls can be painted without having to rinse and dry the walls waiting for the results of the rinse water. Exfoliation by using a thinner much more advisable than using paint remover.

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