Types of Paint Roller For Applications

Types of Paint Roller For Applications

Roller is one of the tools used in painting. This tool is suitable and appropriate for painting large surfaces such as walls or ceiling. Well, to use a roller, roller make sure you choose the right order to complete the painting.

Choose the appropriate roller designation and type of work. To work with enamel paint, for example, to the door and the kitchen wall, use a mohair roller of the roller material with soft fur of a particular type of goat.
To apply the paint is shiny (gloss) or somewhat shiny (semi gloss) on a flat wall, such as plaster, floors, and walls are thin you should use a roller of less than ¼ inch.
Preferably use a roller with a thickness of 3/8 inch to 1 inch are used to paint on the walls uneven, such as interior walls, concrete and sand textured walls.

Here are some types of special roller that you can use:
• Roller corner, painting the corners and boundary walls.
  Roller corner
• Roller trim, 3 inches long, according to a narrow field of painting.
  iRoller trim
• Roller radiator, with a ¾ inch diameter, according to paint the back of the radiator, toilet, and water heaters.
Roller radiator
• Rollers for painting round surfaces such as pipes and pillars
. Rollers for painting round surfaces
• foam roller to paint the wrought iron staircase and railing.
  foam roller to paint the wrought iron
Use the roller is made of fleece (wool) because these types of materials can absorb more paint and rarely leaves a mark and not a lot to make a splash of paint.

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