Create a beauty Wall With Painting Techniques

Create a beauty Wall With Painting Techniques

Be creative with paint on the walls is one way to create a beautiful look interior. You can explore the idea to create an impression of the beauty of the interior walls so the house looks to steal the attention.
So that the wall looks interesting, you can paint the walls with the techniques could also use a plain or decorative painting techniques to create a textured or specific motifs on the walls.

cloud painting techniques Plain painting on the wall
  • Is a common technique of painting done by the homeowner.
  • Adapted to the chosen color theme or taste home residents.
  • Should pay attention to lighting, in this case is the application of sunlight to paint a contrasting color or darker as accents.
  • Use anti-fungal coating when damp walls and apply paint to a few layers to get maximum results.

Decorative painting techniques

  • This type of painting technique is usually applied to a room that needs a decorative element such as a living room and family room.
  • You can try to do decorative painting using techniques such as sponging or washed techniques to create beautiful patterns on your interior walls.
  • It takes expertise in working on the painting technique. Decorative paint / texture will appear more attractive when applied to one or two fields, in a room.
  • Do not apply a texture that is too harsh because it would make the room seem cramped.

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