Preparation and Painting Steps

Preparation and Painting Steps

The process of painting to raise the aesthetic value of color through the interior will feel young when you have done before starting the preparation. So the end result will be obtained as expected and the paint can be applied perfectly


Application Techniques Painting Some preparation you can do before painting the interior walls of which are:
  • Determine the appropriate allocation of paint are you going to paint the exterior walls or interior walls.
  • Decide in advance the concept / the impression that you want to appear so that the colors you choose can fit and proper.
  • Make sure the tools necessary painting is ready. Such as brush, roller, or paint containers.
  • Make sure the wall surface to be coated paint has been prepared and free of Kotan, conditions that are less smooth wall should be leveled first.
Well, if everything is ready, you can start to do the painting. Consider painting the steps below:
  • To avoid excess paint, calculate the paint you will need to use by measuring the wall area divided by the dispersive power of paint that are usually printed on the packaging of paint products.
  • Prior to running her paint finish, should give the first layer of primer paint for maximum results.
  • Next, prepare the final paint, first stir, pour into the bucket as needed.
  • To adjust the dilution to the specification typically ± 20-30%.
  • Perform painting with a roller for large surfaces starting from the very top. And use a brush to the parts difficult to reach.
  • If you want to provide a second layer, then you should wait for the first coat dry first.
  • In the determination of colors, combine colors according to your creativity, because each individual has different tastes.
Welcome to beautify the interior with a coat of paint!

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