How to Accelerating the drying process

How to Accelerating the drying process

How can we speed up the drying time of our medium-oil Alkyd-based car touch-up paints with a metallic effect?

The best solution would appear to be to find a drier for medium-oil alkyd paints which will not affect the metallic effect. There is a wide choice of compounds, but naphthenates, octoates, resonates etc, containing lead, manganese or cerium should not be used. lt would be best to use driers based on cobalt, calcium, zinc or zuirconium. Driers containing several metals will be the most effective in speeding up drying times.

lf the alkyd resin can be modified, one could also use aluminium-based driers. The same effect may be achieved by vinylating the alkyd resin by adding monomers and initiators.

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