How to Make Straight Line Motif Wall

How to Make Straight Line Motif Wall

Apply the paint is the easiest way to make the wall look beautiful. Paint consists of various types and colors to choose from as needed. Interior emulsion paint for example, is used for interior or in the room.
To obtain interesting results, you should be able to be creative by generating a variety of decorative motifs by using techniques such as line pattern, geometric shapes, floral, or shaped paintings. Adjust the amount of space motif.

If the room is high berplafond, avoid vertical stripes motif, because it would give the impression of the room looks more and more high.

Straight line motif wall Here is, how to make a straight line pattern on the wall using wall paint.
To create a straight line pattern on the wall by painting most people would try to use the tape, duct tape or masking tape as a guide in making a straight line and then were surprised to find that after the line was made is still not straight. Why did this happen? Not because of tape, duct tape or masking tape when installation is not straight but uneven wall surface.

For it does not happen, which is easy enough to paint with putty to coat the wall surface is uneven. Especially the wall surface to be painted in a straight line. Putty color paint used is usually clean colors like white, so it will be easier for us now will provide the next layer of paint on the wall. This method can also be used to create a checkerboard pattern, and pattern of the other lines on the wall paint.

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