How To Use And Easy Clean Paint Brush

How To Use And Easy Clean Paint Brush

Using a clean paintbrush and is not something difficult, anyone can do without the help of the painter. Here are some easy ways of using and cleaning brush.

Using a brush:
  • Hold the brush in the handle by placing the handle between the thumb and four fingers.
  • Insert the brush into a can or a bucket that already contains the paint. remember, do not put all the surface of the brush so that not all affected paint brush bristles, just one-third of the length of the brush bristles are exposed to paint.
  • At the time of brush removed immediately tap or press on the bristle brush to paint cans attached to the fur brush is not too much and can save the use of paint.
  • Then paint was rubbed on the surface can be painted. Use wrist and arm to move the brush handle so that the painting can be controlled and we do not tire easily.
paint brush Cleaning brush:
Intended to allow the brush to clean the brush can be reused on the next painting. Usually the way to wash a brush is to use warm water to wash way.
Here are some ways to clean the brush:
  • Prepare a bucket of warm water.
  • Brush included and soaked in a bucket of warm water during approximately 5 minutes, but before the first brush soaked rubbed on the surface of paper or newspaper to remove paint particles can still escape.
  • Then, after soaking the brush is removed and rinsed with warm water.
  • Further dry bristle brush that is clean of paint particles by wiping.

Easy is not it? Good luck!

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