Steps to paint exterior walls

Steps to paint exterior walls

An attractive residential would have to have a beautiful exterior design. It is can you get by applying the paint both on the walls, roof, or fence because these elements can make an impact on the overall look of the house.

Each color of paint can create an impression that in accordance with the wishes that you should be careful when choosing a paint color what would you use to decorate the shelter that would fit with the theme to appear.
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Choosing paint for the exterior becomes more difficult because it is often associated with weather and climate outside. Choose the wrong paint, attractive appearance to the exterior of your home will not last long. If you have this, the painting process will be in vain.

Here are some exterior painting steps that you can make a guide when will intend to change the color of paint or paint the outside.
  • Painting the new wall is different from the old way of painting the walls. The new walls are still filled with pores that can suck the paint. Therefore, to save the paint, you should coat it with a new wall wall sealer water based or solvent based good quality.
  • Once coated, the surface of the wall will become more smooth, flat, and ready to be painted. Prior to painting, consider a wall of humidity that results from a mixture of materials used as base material wall.
  • As for the old walls, especially the often painted, the pores are closed so it is sometimes difficult to stick to new paint and look bloated. If you find that you want to replace the old paint with new paint, either with the same color or different, you should first scrape the entire surface of the walls was peeling paint. Sand the entire surface of the wall next to the remnants of old paint eroded out. Then wipe with a damp cloth and dry.
  • Then brush the primer on the surface of the wall. You can use a roller. Just one layer. Allow to dry approximately 1-2 hours. Priming also helps prevent alkali attack is contained in a mixture of cement, sand, and water used to form the wall. We recommend that before giving the basic paint, the walls must be completely dry and clean.
    Mix paint the exterior with water as much as 10 percent of the amount of paint.
  • Stir until well blended. Pour in the tub for paint. Dip the roller into the paint, then scroll up to the surface of the roller in the paint did not drip. For the final stage, brush the paint on the wall surface.
    Use a brush to paint the walls or trim edges. After the first coat to dry (2-3 hours), continue to paint a second layer on top of first layer.
  • Painting the walls with one color should be done in a single execution. Polished before the paint across the surface of the wall, do not stop so the results do not make the colors look different.
To paint the exterior walls of the house should always use the special exterior paint and coated with a primer prior to paint the end of strong glue.

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