Steps to paint the new wall

Steps to paint the new wall

Painting the walls does look easy and you can do it themselves without having to seek the help of a professional painter. However, in order to maximum the painting process is as you wish, There are some rules you must follow so that the paint does not pose a problem in the future.

paint new wall Problem such as peeling paint, had calcification, or moldy. In addition to choosing a quality paint, in order to get the perfect result, you should also pay attention to the correct painting techniques. As for the new wall paint different steps taken by painting the walls of the old / already been painted.

Here's what you should know when going to paint the new wall:
  • For the new wall, wait until completely dry. At least 28 days old. At that time, the wall of humidity is not expected to more than 16%.
  • Great acidity determines the success obtained in accordance color packaging
  • Walls must be smooth (avoid putty). We recommend that all of the cement plaster.
  • Walls should be sanded first to remove dirt and dust.
  • Once the sand is cleaned with a clean cloth.
  • Give the base layer using a wall or alkali resisting primer sealer and then wait a day so that the sealer dry completely.
  • Stir until smooth and perfect paint and brush to the wall.
  • Painting should be done twice. First as a basis, the second to close the pores of the walls that were still open at the same time flattening.
  • To paint, you should use the roll set and a short fluffy, not rolls of sponge material.
By considering the above matters, then you can get the paint as you wish.

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