Tips for painting a maximum

Tips for painting a maximum

Painting a house is one step that can be done to create the impression of a beautiful home. In addition, inexpensive way to apply it too easy and can be done alone. However, in order to obtain a perfect result, the painting takes certain techniques


make paint Therefore, here we present some things you should consider when making a painting such as:
  • In the old wall painting, to see if whether or not disekrap walls, steps should be taken, kuaskan water on the surface and wait for a while. If the surface of the bubbles appear, then the wall should be at sekrap.
  • Cover the parts that you will not paint with insulating paper, cloth, or newspapers. Its function is to avoid the stain of spilled paint at the painting and you do not need to waste time to clean up spilled paint.
  • Clean the bucket of paint you will use from dirt and dust. Besides the use of buckets also help you measure the amount of paint to be used, thereby reducing the remaining unused paint.
  • Clean the wall surface to be painted from the dust and dirt.
    To save the paint and close the pore walls are advised to use alkali or alkali resisting primer sealer
  • Use the tools in the form of a brush and roller application of paint.
  • Also use the paint bucket to flatten the volume of paint on the roller, so that paint can be applied well in the field of the wall.
  • After the walls or the paint will be dry, start painting with alkali or alkali resisting primer sealer, wait until dry and paint with a paint base and wait until dry.
  • Start painting from the point of the field, then proceed fields for the center. The thing to remember is do the painting of the dry area into wet area that you paint.
  • Perform the painting in the same direction, not random. This is so that the paint well and evenly.
  • When you have finished painting, let the paint that you apply it dry by itself.
By considering the above matters, then you can get the maximum results paint.

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