Appropriate steps to make furniture look like new

Appropriate steps to make furniture look like new

Just like renovating a house is the easiest way to paint. That applies also to the maintenance of wooden furniture in your home such as wood cabinets. In order for your furniture look new again you just repainted.
You can use paint to change the look of your furniture. Then how the proper way to repaint furniture? The following steps will be discussed working on painting wood furniture to get satisfactory results:

Place the furniture to be painted on the base newspaper or cardboard as a base, then use a screwdriver to remove all ornaments accessories such as aluminum (in some designs of furniture, the hinges, keys and ornate corners are of aluminum or iron). Then place the ornaments on a separate place.

Use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the furniture to be painted. Rub the sandpaper in the same direction to keep the look of wood fiber. Once completed and all parts have been sanded smooth, sanded surface besihkan using a damp cloth.

Start with a layer of primer and wait until dry. You can then repeat the layers of paint to paint the base actually glue in furniture and durable.

Once the primer is dry, you can paint the walls on the surface. Choose the type of latex paint, the paint process should follow the direction you are taking your furniture wood fiber.

After the paint dries add the paint because the paint lacquer varnish to provide protection and furniture will look more shiny.

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