Character and impression interior colors

Character and impression interior colors

Color is everything in sight. Everything in this world there is no escape from the color. In everyday life we are so familiar with colors, ranging from open eyes in the morning to close my eyes again in the evening. But many people do not realize it due to your daily routine. Color is very unique and have different impression can affect the human soul.

Character and impression interior colors

Character Color

Colors that we see every day it has characteristics, such as:
  • Hue: the hue or color tone, the first impression of a color regardless of value and color intensity. Examples of Green Day.
  • Value: is the dark color of light, measured against the black and white regardless of hue and color intensity. Citrus Yellow color examples.
  • Intensity: strong and weak color is measured against a color-neutral gray. Strength will grow toward the light. Intensity indicates the amount of hue that is free from elements of white
  • Saturation is the purity of the hue (color) without mixed by another color. This relatively pure colors have connotations such as cold or warm.

Impression of color in the interior

Colors are applied in a room can give a certain impression. The point is the visual perception of the resulting characteristics of a color. As cool and fresh impression can usually be obtained from the application of green and blue colors. While the colors orange, yellow, or red will create an impression of warmth when used for the interior.

Or old colors like blue, purple, will give impressive space is smaller than the actual and vice versa, for example, bright colors, light blue or yellow will give the impression of wider space. Impression of space or a small area is sometimes necessary to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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