Create a more beautiful look of tile with paint colors

Create a more beautiful look of tile with paint colors

Tile is one important part of a house, often called the roof tiles. Do not underestimate this part of the house on this one because of the presence of tile in addition to complement the look of the house is also a supporter of the house from outside.
You should not let the roof of this house looks great, for the roof to draw with paint so it looks different. home beauty will shine from the outside with a roof supported by a view that has its appeal.

The easiest way to beautify this part is to paint it, the workmanship is also not easy because different tile painting by painting the walls, the only difference being the type of paint used. You can use a special paint for tile, paint type is widely available on the market. Then how do I paint the tile that correct?

roof paint First, clean the tile surface from dirt and dust using a brush, then flush with clean water immediately so that the dirt off. Use of chlorine or detergents to clean the fungus on the surface of the tile. Subsequently, the whole surface of the tiles were washed with water and allow to dry tile surfaces.

Prepare a basic paint, you can pour the base paint to taste, add water (30%) to thin the paint base, after which you can begin to do the painting on the entire surface of the tile base. Give 1-2 hours to paint dry. Then the last one you can set up a second layer of paint, pour the second layer of tile paint, dilute with clean water as much as 10-20%. Then apply a second coat of paint on the entire surface of the tile that has been coated with primer, let dry.

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