Decorative techniques for walls that is not boring

Decorative techniques for walls that is not boring

If you are bored with the look of a plain wall, you can try to be more creative by making the wall look more attractive with decorative painting techniques. For example, creating a texture or a particular motif.
Decorative paint application techniques are a form of painting finishing with the creation last coat of paint before it dries, to create a motif, style, effect, or a specific design in space. Room with decorative painting techniques would require the creativity of their owners.

You can utilize a variety of decorative painting techniques to give the final result is different and unique impression on the walls of your home such as:

Ragging technique
The tools used in this technique is very simple to use cloth. The steps that you can do is
  • On the surface of the painted wall, fabric patch that has been dipped in paint with being patted.
  • The result is the effect of the folds of fabric that form a particular pattern. thickness depends on the creativity and style you desire.
  • You can apply this technique in the living room to make this area look more pleasing to the eye and able to attract the attention of every person who came to visit.
Decorative techniques for walls
Combing Technique
The tools used for working combaing techniques among which a rubber comb. In this technique you are required to be creative in making the pattern. The process steps are:
  • Comb scratched on the paint is still wet.
  • Scratches will produce effects in accordance with the direction of pull of the comb.
  • The pattern can be bumpy one direction or collide with each other. Choose a different color to paint the essence, so that when the comb is pulled priming pins.
  • You can apply these techniques in areas such as bedrooms, then applied to one area of the wall. Thus, the room will appear more interesting and not boring.
With decorative techniques, walls look more attractive and is no longer monotonous.

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