Fall the old paint before repainting

Fall the old paint before repainting

If we are going to repainting the walls of the results obtained should be better than the previous paint. Repainting should be done in a proper way so as not to cause problems later on

old paint before repainting Before repainting the walls, which have to do is paint peeling off the old wall. Is an obstacle here is the difficulty of cleaning the old paint is still attached. These will be given to removing the old paint on the walls to be painted over.
The materials needed are: thresher paint (paint remover) and clean water.

While the equipment used is a brush, spatula, brush, cloth, and sandpaper.
Stages of the process:
  • Unpack the thresher must be careful, holes in the lid when first bottled gas bubble to get out because if not it will be able to issue a bang.
  • Apply liquid thresher on the wall that will peel the paint with a brush evenly.
  • Old paint will bubble after 5 minutes.
  • Lift the bubbling paint using a putty knife, use a brush for the purpose of timber in order to clean the rest of the paint on the wood grain.
  • Areas of peeling paint that was then neutralized with water, then dry with a cloth.
  • Finally, after the area is completely dry sand paper and brush the walls ready for painting.
  • When the hand exposed to splashes of paint thresher wash immediately with clean water, as well as brushes and paint equipment affected thresher neutralized with clean water.
Perform the steps above to obtain good results painting and will not cause problems in the future.

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