Harmonious with complex color combinations

Harmonious with complex color combinations

Combining the colors are simple steps you can do to create the impression of beauty in a room. The key to success in the color combination is your understanding of colors and their meanings


So that the mix of colors that do are able to create an impression that you want. The color combination consists of a variety, you can do it without limit. Yes, you are free to be creative color mixing to taste, color combinations through the game you will gain a unique and different in the room in your home. One color combination that you can choose the complex color combinations.

The color combination of this complex is a combination of any color found on the color wheel for example red, green, yellow, orange, blue, or green. The combination of these colors will balance each other and create the impression of harmony. Well, if you are interested in applying complex color combinations, you'll want to know how to setup the right. Thus the impression is obtained as expected.

Here are some guidelines in implementing complex color combinations.
  • Use similar colors or similar valuenya liaison intensity of different colors. For example, bright colors with light colors or dark colors with dark colors.
  • If using multiple colors, distinguish the number or quantity of use. For example, a predominantly green color used plus a little violet or coral color would be more interesting than if the three colors used in the same amount or quantity. Let one color as the dominant color, and make the other as an accent or color support.
  • If your room is narrow, avoid dark colors because it will give the impression more and more narrow and oppressive.
  • Use bright colors to create the impression area.
Indeed, a complex combination of more complex when compared with other types of combinations. But if you are careful, the results obtained will make you feel satisfied.

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