Heat Resistant Coatings

Heat Resistant Coatings

Which coatings will withstand temperatures of about 120o C in the presence of oxygen ?

Only silicone-modified systems can be used there, the best heat resistance in the presence of oxygen bein achieved with products based onmethyl silicone resins. Here, the oxygen can only react with the methyl groups, the silica skeleton remaining unaffected and with it the coating structure. We should, however, point out that such systems are not suitable for all applications, especially not for decorative purposes, because of their lack of gloss and, occasionally, their brittlenes.

Phenylmethylsilicone resin systems are slightly less resistant at high temperatures, but this is compensated by other advantages. These systems not only produce high gloss, heat and oxygen resistant coating but also show good compatibility with other pain resins. They can also be pigmented in many different ways.

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