Learn about Color Wheel

Learn about Color Wheel

On the

color wheel

, we can see any color or colors either adjacent derivatives (hue). Color circle consists of the primary colors red, blue, yellow. These primary colors, can be derived into several secondary colors. Then the primary colors and secondary colors can be mixed again to produce a tertiary color.

Learn about Color Wheel Well, then there are colors in the color circle is divided into several groups such as:

The color of heat

, is the color group in the span of half a circle within a circle of colors ranging from red to yellow. This warrants the group has a warm character, seria, full of spirit and energetic. Hot colors are also able to impress the near distance.

Cool colors

, the color group in the span of half a circle within a circle of colors ranging from green to purple. These colors can create an impression of softness, cool, refreshing, and gives a comfortable feeling of calm. Group of cool colors in the color circle can be impressive distances.

Colour contrast

, the opposite is the color of one another. Color contrast can be obtained from the opposite color (the midpoint of the triangle cut) consists of primary colors and secondary colors. But it is possible also to form a color contrast with the color purity or reject the value. Examples of contrasting color is red with green, yellow with purple and blue with orange.

Neutral colors

, the colors that no longer has a purity of color, or in other words not a primary or secondary colors. This color is a mixture of all three color components at once, but not in exactly the same composition.

By knowing and understanding the color circle, then it can help us in choosing the right color solid match for our residential homes.

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