Painting on the weekends

Painting on the weekends

The results of the process of painting is not just caused by poor quality of paint application techniques, but also unfavorable. Painting is not something that is difficult if you know how the stages of painting the right

If you just want to change the color of the bedroom wall, you can do it yourself without requiring the help of a handyman.
painting on the weekends Take advantage of free time on weekends. Therefore, the following will be presented the stages of painting is important for you to know.

Painting the new wall surface:
  • Sort paint from the ceiling (ceiling), walls, doors, and windows.
    Make sure the wall plaster to dry before painting.
  • Clean the walls before painting. Wipe the stucco wall with a damp cloth, if there are oil stains wash with detergent.
  • Coat the dried plaster walls with primer, for the new walls are usually white, then let it dry for about 2 hours.
  • Then the last one you can start painting with the colors you like. Give 2-3 layers of paint that was painted on the wall base.
  • Remember, pay attention to the rules stated in the dilution of paint cans of paint.

Paint the old wall surface:
  • Clean the walls of dirt, dust, and oil. Earlier check whether the paint on the old walls are still good or is not suitable to be repainted, if it is not feasible then the wall should be scraped with sandpaper or brush and then wash with water.
  • Do not forget to give a special base paint for repainting Formatting goal for gluing.
  • After that you can start painting, put 2-3 layers of paint with a span of about 2 hours between the first layer with a second layer (for water-based paints) and 6 hours (for oil based paint).
Not too hard, was it? You and your family can do on the weekends.

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