Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective Glass Beads

I have to paint a wall. Can I add the beads to the paint, mixing them in for a rollers use on the wall. An if so how much per gallon? One site said 6 lbs per gallon but they were talking about sprinkling them on not mixxing the beads into the paint for vertical use. Can you help?

You can add beads to the paint, but if you want them to reflect light and perform like traffic paint, you will need to add them after the paint has been applied and is still wet. That poses a problem, because the beads might roll down due to gravity, or fall off altogether.

On the other hand, you can research the 3M website to see what products they offer for application to vertical surfaces. I know they make reflective decals such as are used on road signs. I believe they might also sell reflective paints.

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