Renovation of the house wall paint

Renovation of the house wall paint

You want to fix the old paint or want to change the color of the paint? Paint both interior and exterior walls are things to consider if you plan to make home improvements. Especially if you want to repair and replace the old paint.
In the painting to be done to obtain maximum results is a good preparation and planning. The end result of the application of paint is usually hung from the wall surface to be painted. So is the new way of painting the walls different from the old walls, new walls are still many pores that can absorb paint so as to conserve the use of paint should you cover the new wall with a wall of water-base sealer or solvent base of good quality so that the new paint surface be a smooth, flat, and ready to be painted.

As you will note also the humidity of paint caused by materials used as raw material mixture of the wall and make sure the wall surface is dry when it will be painted. In addition, note also the degree of alkali from the walls of the base material. Humidity and the degree of alkali decreased with increasing age of the wall and the influence of weather, but usually we do not wait long to paint the new wall.

New paint on the wall
To get a good paint on the new wall, you can outsmart two ways. First avoid using oil or latex paint directly on the new wall vinyl. Use a sealer that has a wall of resistance to salt (alkali resistant). If not, paint colors will quickly fade and blotches. Both 100 percent acrylic paint is known much more resistant to alkali salts on the wall compared with oil paint or latex paint vinyl.

Acrylic paints can even be directly applied to the new wall, without the need sealer. But these tend to be wasteful ways. You can fix the peeling paint peeling paint to repaint the way. In order for maximum results, it is better if you do it at a time. Paint the outside wall (exterior) is peeling occurs because pre-treatment is wrong. Therefore, the final coat of paint can not be strong glue.

Actually you can take precautions so that the paint is not peeling, with a pretreatment before painting. Do it right the entire painting process, including selecting a suitable paint. In addition, despite using a special exterior paint, you should stick with the base paint to paint the end of strong glue. Priming also helps prevent alkali attack is contained in a mixture of cement-sand-water (wall-forming material). Before giving the basic paint, the walls must be completely dry and clean.

Paint the walls with one color should be done in a single execution. Polished before the paint across the surface of the wall, do not stop so that the color is no different.

Replace the old wall paint
If you want to replace the old paint with new paint with the same or different colors, first keroklah entire surface of the paint peeling off the walls. Sanding the entire surface of the wall next to the remnants of old paint eroded out. Then wipe with a damp cloth, and dry. Clean the wall surface must be completely clean of dust and other impurities. Brush the primer on the surface of the wall. You can use a roller. Just one layer.
Allow to dry approximately 1-2 hours. Mix paint the exterior with water as much as 10 percent of the amount of paint. Stir until well blended. Pour in the tub for paint. Dip the roller into the paint, then scroll up to the surface of the roller in the paint did not drip. For the final stage, brush the paint on the wall surface. When painting, make a movement like the letters M rows of large and overlapping on the wall. Use a brush to paint the walls or trim edges.

After the first coat to dry (2-3 hours), continue to paint a second layer on top of first layer. To repaint the walls painted, you need to perform the following steps if you want to repainting. Clean all dirt and dust using a brush, then rinse with clean water. If walls are dirty, clean using cleaning fluid, such as detergents. If the walls are moldy or berkristal, you should use a mildew remover or cleaning fluid by means scraped before painting.

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