Change the color to be a new atmosphere

Change the color to be a new atmosphere

The easiest thing to do to change the atmosphere of the home is to replace or renovate the house wall paint color. To get the best results from the painting process, we should not require any special skills but just need an understanding of what type of paint and painting techniques.

color change Generally the type of paint is divided into categories of oil and water, oil paints are usually memorable shiny when dry and dissolve when exposed to white methylated, whereas the water-soluble paint with water, and can give results but not shiny when dry. There was also a paint that has additional material such as vinyl, acrylic or polyurethane in order to give the impression of thicker and more durable.

As for the painting technique that must be considered to prepare the wall surface to be painted include:

New Wall Surface
What is meant by the new wall surface is the surface of the wall that still has not been coated paint / plamir and newly built. On the surface of the walls of this type need to be considered a good level of dryness of the water (H2O) and of lime (CaO) and cement, are already responding perfectly to form neutral salts (CaCO3) this process usually takes about 28 days.

The situation can be controlled by measuring the pH with litmus paper the wall surface; requirements that are ready painted wall was about 8-9 PH. To neutralize the excess alkali wall sealler usually used as wall paint. Wall surface moisture also needs attention, moisture eligible is 18% ready to be painted.

Old Wall Surface
Check first if there is leftover paint / plamir old peeling or bubbling, is there any cracks on its surface? Clean the surface of the remnants of paint peeling / bubbling or damaged as well as from moss and fungus, check the quality of the base paint or plamir is still strongly attached to the surface of the wall? If the quality plamir also less qualified then should scrap or sanded.

Wall Putty
Actually putty function only as a media wall / coating to help make a flat wall surface looks more and more refined, there are no other uses. For exterior areas we should not use products especially plamir unclear specifications, because wall putty this will actually be the cause of bubbles in the paint layer. Wall putty is needed to cover the cracks, or refine uneven wall surface. AAfter the surface in puree putty rubbing with paper.

The final result of the process of painting is not only determined by the quality of paint and application techniques but also use the right brushes and rollers to be one determinant of the results of the painting.

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