Substitute for Titanium Dioxide Pigment

Substitute for Titanium Dioxide Pigment

What would be a good subtitute for titanium dioxide pigments ?

White paint can, of course, also be pigmented with zinc oxide, zinc sulphide and lithopone, although these pigments tend to adversely affect the paint's weathering resistance, quite apart from ecological considerations and factory hygiene problems.

It would be better to replace only part of titanium pigment if economic considerations dictate it, or in cases where absolute whiteness is not the prime requirement. Such formulations, using the above mentioned pigments, as well as fillers such as kaolin, calcite or barium sulphate wil give good results if quality is not too critical a consideration. One should therefore also bear in mind using one of the many surface coated grades of titanium dioxide, but this would need discussions with the supplier.

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