Tips on painting the walls of the house

Tips on painting the walls of the house

Paint the walls of the house is a job that is not too difficult, many people can do it. However, if you want to get any satisfactory results paint to paint the right way rules that must be implemented.
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The first thing to do is clean the wall surface to be painted, the purpose of removing dirt, dust, and oil or fat attached, use a large cellulose sponge and water mixed with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid oils such as dishwashers.

If the old paint should be scraped peeling first, Clean up the room whose walls will be painted, cover all the items with newspaper or plastic so that no paint stains. Prepare equipment such as paint brushes, rollers, paint with a roller made of sponge paint will produce a more evenly outward.

To begin to paint the walls should be slightly moistened with water, then wipe and do the painting or paint thinner base evenly on the entire surface of the wall to be painted. Use a large roller to paint the walls with a broad surface to the painting process can be faster. While at the corners of the wall using a brush. Once the primer is dry. Now is the time to use the wall paint. For the first movement, coat with a little paint roller, and then make a W shape with a length and a width of about 1 meter. Then mengecatlah by taking such a direction to follow W to coat all portions of the wall without lifting the roller. Add paint as needed.

After the painting process is complete, to get the best outcome for the wall surface give sufficient drying time. Do not forget to immediately clean the paint splashed onto the floor or jamb and open the cover paper cover used to protect items from paint stains and unwanted areas to be painted. Open the door to the smell of paint soon disappear.

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