What should be done before painting

What should be done before painting

Most people think painting is an easy job, most people know how to paint a wall surface. However, it is not as easy as what one might imagine. Painting activity has its own rules that must be implemented to obtain the final result is as you wish.
There are several things you should consider before starting to paint:

Choosing a paint
Usually the paint that has a high price will have a good quality, the more well-known brand, then the results obtained will be the maximum. Before you paint you should first determine the type of paint to be used. Whether for interior or exterior paint.

Choose a transparent paint products, read the description / usage rules are also important, but sometimes there are products that are not transparent to the paint does not include technical data on the product packaging. Usually paint with good quality are produced by firms that can be trusted.

rollerIn addition, you need to consider also is the selection of paint colors to suit taste. Make sure you choose the right color because color can affect a person's mood. For example, the soft colors give the impression of cool and the room seem more spacious while strong colors like red, orange, brown, and black to give the feel of warm and the room will seem more narrow.

If you already know the type of paint to be used and paint color to be selected, now is the time you determine how much paint is needed for a room. Usually in a good paint package will include the scatterplot for each unit of paint on a surface. So if you already know the surface area to be painted so you can determine the need of paint you need.

Surface preparation

To the surface of the old, old paint layers Check whether it is still strongly attached or not, to know you can brush my old paint on the surface of the water, wait a while if the surface it appears there are bubbles mean you have to scrape it first. Clean the surface of the remnants of paint peeling / bubbling or damaged as well as from moss and fungus.

Meanwhile, to get the final result is maximum at the surface of the new wall should give adequate drying time before the application process, this is to avoid the damp walls of which can cause mildew and faded paint. Surface of the wall before the paint or in putty, should be watered as much water as possible in a few days. Before the putty, first coat the walls with wall sealer - to neutralize the PH of cement. With wall sealer, paint is not easy to peel and paint colors will not change from its original color.

Process of painting

If all the above steps you have done, now you get to the next step is the application process or painting. Read and follow the instructions indicated on the packaging painting paint. Perform the painting process starts from the top field, such as ceiling and then down to the bottom. Use a brush for narrow surfaces and edges of fields. As for the surface area you can use a roller.

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