Fast curing coatings filled with carbon black

Fast curing coatings filled with carbon black

We are looking for a system which we can fill with up to 30 % carbon black and which will from a resistants, 10 - 50 micron thick film after than 15 seconds at 80o C - 90o C.

Some of your requirements ae easy to fulfil, others very dificult. Modern resins for solvent base and water based products should ensure good mechanical properties. More of a problem is the demand for extremely short curing times. With a cure time of only 15 seconds there may well e problems in achieving sufficient stability during processing, i.e. a sufficiently long pot life.

For a 30% carbon black concentration only oxidatively treated grades would be suitable. Perfect pigment dispersion can onlybe expected if the resin has good wetting properties, e.g. a two component epoxy resin.if relatively low molecular amines or their adducts can be used as hardeners, the reqiured cure time can be achieved. it should, however, be pointed out that these hardeners develop noxious fumes.

Fast cure times can also be achieved wiith analogous polyamides and polyaminoamines, especially those with a branched structure. One can also use accelerators, e.g. those based on triphenyl phosphite or modifed phenols.

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