Water Compatible Waxes for Leather Lacquers

Water Compatible Waxes for Leather Lacquers

Could you recommend any particular water-compatible waxes for formulating leather lacquers?

Because of their pronounced hydrophobics character, most waxes are difficult to use in water-based formulations. Here it is best to use polyethylene waxes, either in conjunction with surfactans ( this, of course, is the method used to prepare wax emulsions ) or by oxidative treatment of the accepted sense, but the dispersibility of the wax is greatly improved.

The particle size and density of the wax also play an important part. For leather lacquers it would probably be best to use micronised waxes. These make application easier and improve the handle of the coated leather. High density waxes help to improve the suppleness of the coatings whereas low density polyethylene waxes produce coating with relatively good toughness and

abrasion resistance

. Similiar comments apply also to PTFE waxes, although these are more expensive.

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