Archie Paint Glossary - J

Archie Paint Glossary - J

Archie Paint Glossary J The following glossary contains terms used commonly in the paint and coatings industry to describe the characteristics, usage and components of paints and coatings.

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Japan colors

Concentrated oil-based colorants that are used for tinting alkyd paints and solvent-soluble glazes. Japan colors have an intense, flat color and will dry quickly.


An opaque form of quartz that is usually yellow, brown, red or green.


The gap or space created when two building materials come together, such as where two pieces of molding join or where the bathtub and bathroom wall meet. 

Joint compound

A plaster-like substance used to fill seams and irregularities in drywalling, either the vinyl-based drying type, which hardens as the water medium dries, or setting type, which hardens by a chemical reaction that is catalyzed by water.

Joint filler

Sealant inserted between abutting ends of wallboard.

Joint tape

Paper or synthetic mesh tape about 3-inches wide that is used to bridge the seams between drywall panels.

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