Exterior paints for buildings

Exterior paints for buildings

What paints can you recommend for exterior use on buildings ?

There are a number of paints which can be used for buildings which have not been painted before. The choice will depend on the condition of the walls. Adequate preparation of the surface ist important if a high quality finish is aimed at. This can be achieved by brushing ( manually or mechanically ) by sanding down or sandblasting, followed by washing down, using a dilute solution of detergent.

Lime white cement paints can be used for rough, absorbent surfaces, but one can also use silicate paints without any organic additives, especially for very absorbent substrates or silicate paints containing synthetic resin dispersions. Dispersions containing silica may also be suitable under certain conditions. One or several treatments with polymer resin compositions may also be used. Surfaces can also be protected with special silica impregnating agents.

In view of the many types of paints that can be used, it is best to consult

paint suppliers

and carry out preliminary tests on small areas of the wall to be treated before making the final choice.

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