Formulation of textured finishes

Formulation of textured finishes

Can you suggest a formulation for textured finishes ?

The following formulation could be used for the type of paint you have in mind :
35 p.b.w. saturated polyesther
13 p.b.w. high molecular weight isocyanate
25 p.b.w. titinium dioxide ( or other pigment )
7 p.b.w. flatting agent ( supplemented by silica products )
18 p.b.w. ethyl glycol acetate ( or other solvent )
Further components can be incorporated in such a formulation to improve sprayability, adjust the evaporation rate and achieve fast drying. The solvent content can be increased to double the quantity given, to make the paint easier to apply.

Coatings produced

with this kind of formulation will develop a good texture even at film thickenesses of 150 ym and will dry without any problem.

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