Mechanically stressed coatings

Mechanically stressed coatings

What formulation is suitable for floor coatings for tranport vehicles ?

Organic coatings on continually used floor surfaces dirty with sand must resist abrasive, compressive and shearing forces. In addition to mechanical stresses there are usually other stresses from heat, moisture and light. There are only a few coating systems which can cope at least so some extent with such extreme conditions over a long period.

A suitable coating system consists of primer layer (1X), intermediate coat (1-2X) and top coat (1X) with a total thickeness when dry betwen 150 and 250 ym. The primer(1) should be a two pack epoxy resin paint, thick film, base paint, the intermediate coat (2) a two pack epoxy resin paint and the top coat (3) a two pack polyacrylate finish.

The system will satisfy the demands placed on it if the individual layers have the following properties:
  1. very good adhesion and passivation on clean, rust free, steel surfaces ( with anti corrosion pigments)
  2. good adhesionto the primer, flexibility and barrier effect ( with micaceous iron ore ), and
  3. hardness, toughness and resistance.
As an alternative to pneumatic or airless spraying application can be by painting and rolling. Care must be taken not to exceed the pot-life. Maintenance is easy as retouching can be undertaken with the same

coating materials


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