Protective colloids for emulsion paints

Protective colloids for emulsion paints

What protective colloids would you recommend for emulsion paints ?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of protective colloids that are suitable for use in emulsion paints. The amount used should be sufficient to ensure that their full stabilising effect is assured, but not too much to cause adverse effects after film formation e.g. sensitivity to water. A few percent is all that is needed.

Among these products, alginates have a good thickening affect, although the water resistance can sometimes be insufficient. Excellent rheological properties are achieved with casein, wich is effective already at around 5% of the prepared product. The use of casein, however, may result in susceptibility to microorganisms.


water resistance

is important, one could use polymethacrylates, as well as styrene-maleicacid copolymers. Other suitable products include cellulose ethers, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl pyrrolidone, each of which has its own particular way of stabilising the system, improving flow or improving water resistance, notably when the film is washed aqnd scrubbed.

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