Resin for printing inks

Resin for printing inks

Can you give us some basic information on resins suitable for printing inks ?

There is an exceptionally wide range of resins for printing inks to choose from, even if one restricts onesel to fabric screen printing inks. Generally speaking, neraly all those resins used as binders in ordonary paints can be used in printing inks formulationsin modified form. Accordingly, the suppliers of such resins will usually be those who supply the paint industry.

Resins suitable for this purpose include alkyd resins containing soyabean or linseed oil components. Maleic modified resin derivatives can here be used as hard resin additives. Non-drying alkyd resins are often used for reinforcing purposes, but cellulose nitrate, ethylcellulose and particularly, ethyhydroxyethyl cellulose can also be used because of their good solubility in aliphatic solvent.

There has lately been a trend to use the extensive range of acrylate esters, vinyl derivatives, copolymeric alkyd resins as well as

expoxy resins in printing ink formulations


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