CMYK colors in printing

CMYK colors in printing

CMYK is the process of mixing pigments commonly used printing. Process inks cyan, process magenta, process yellow, process black is mixed with a certain composition that produces color accurate and precise as desired.

CMYK stands for cyan (greenish blue), magenta (purplish red), yellow (yellow), and black primary color (black) is often used as a reference as a process by using four-color staining and staining sections of the model used in color printing.

CMYK colors in printing CMYK is also used to describe the coloring process itself. Though different from each place of printing, newspaper carrier, a newspaper plant and related parties, the ink for this process is usually governed by the order of the abbreviation.

This model, in part or in whole, usually inflicted in the picture with white background color white karenakan can absorb a certain length of light structures. Such models are known as subtractive, because the colors to reduce the color of white light.

In another additive color model, as well as RGB (red / red, green / green, blue / blue), white color becomes the color addition of a combination of primary colors, while the black color may occur without a light. In the model of CMYK, the opposite applies to color natural white color of the paper or the background color, whereas black is the color combination of primary colors. To save money buying ink and to produce a darker black color, made a special black color replaces the color combination of cyan, magenta and yellow.


Gamut is the term for a region that could be covered by a specific color system. The term means the out of gamut colors can not be represented by the proportion of the base color you want to use the system. Problems often occur out of gamut in the CMYK to RGB color conversion.

Although designed to provide accurate colors, the colors are formed by the system sometimes less extensive coverage CMYK color RGB. RGB basic colors such as red is out of gamut of the CMYK system. Many ways were sought to pursue this difference, for example by using a color lab system.

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