How color can be seen?

How color can be seen?

 How color can be seen Everything in this life can never be separated from the color, any object or objects have different colors. For example, the sky is blue, while the grass is green and so on. But do you wonder how these colors can be formed?

In the process of formation of color must have three essential components so that we can see the colors. What are the components? following discussion :

  • The main thing that the color formation is the presence of light. The light comes from sunlight that poured into the earth and has a specific wavelength to produce color. sunlight is called visible light. Sunlight coming to earth through a filter that is the atmosphere. After passing through the atmosphere, the sun's light spreads throughout the earth's surface.
  • The second is the existence of the object. When the light of the object, the light is reflected. In this new light waves reflected from the object exposed to light. Object where the light falls should be of the type that does not absorb light, but reflected it. In other words, the quality of the object structure must be aligned well with the light that reaches the earth so that the color can be formed. These conditions are met and a new light wave reflected from the object exposed to light. 
  • Next in the formation of color is a must have tool that is able to perceive light waves which the eye. Light waves are also in tune with the organ of vision. Coming from the sun's rays must pass through the lens and eye layers and then converted into nerve impulses in the retina. This signal is then transported to the brain visual center, the duty to interpret the views. The final stage in the formation of color is the interpretation of electrical signals as a "color" by the highly specialized nerve cells in the brain visual center.
So, to be able to see the color should be light, objects, and observers.

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