Know some color combinations

Know some color combinations

There is no fixed rule about the

color combination

because the combination of colors can be done without limit. All depends on whether you have the courage to find the color of choice or not. Through a combination of colors you will get a lot of colors that you never imagined before.
Know some color combinations

However, in this article we will present some of the combinations of colors that can add to your knowledge because it is essentially a choice of colors depending on the tastes of each individual.

Combination Analog

Analog often referred to as matching colors, the use of colors that are adjacent to or located adjacent on the color circle. For example: red: red orange: orange; blue; blue-violet; violet; green; yellow green; yellow. Usually based on the common colors. Note the color circle, you will find the colors that also have the same temperature, for example: all cool colors or all warm colors. To avoid the impression of monotony, vary the amount of use of these colors. Make one color as the dominant color, the other as an accent.

Combination of monochromatic

If planned properly, monochromatic colors can create the impression of calm, graceful, or elegant. The key to success is the use of colors that have the same value and intensity, or with little gradation. Neutral colors can be an interesting accent color or a monochromatic basis of color combinations. For example, use a gray base color, then add a touch more neutral colors as accents. Examples of monochromatic color combinations: dark blue; blue; bluish white.

Complementary Combination

Are complementary colors that complement each other. This combination is made up of colors that are opposite or opposite on the color circle. The impression created by the complementary colors is usually an exciting atmosphere. Red and green, yellow-orange and blue-violet are some examples. Does not always have the right colors opposite, can also use colors that almost the opposite, for example: yellow-green color violet can be combined with a very beautiful combination of those colors though not exactly opposite. complementary colors will usually be mutually reinforcing. For example: yellow walls will be more prominent if the frames colored pale violet gray.

Complex Combination

This combination consists of any color in the color circle. This combination consists of any color. Red, green, yellow-orange and blue-violet or green-blue, red, violet and yellow-orange. Encouraging! Automatically because these colors will balance each other in the color temperature of our eyes.

The combination of any color will actually look in tune and in harmony if you know how to mengkombinasinya. So that in doing so you have to understand the characteristics of color.

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