Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
The Wagner ProCoat is a 2800 PSI electric piston pump paint sprayer capable of spraying today's thick latex paints without thinning at .24 GPM (Gallons per minute) with a 1/2 HP motor. It produces the same great finish found with professional sprayers with features designed for the home-owner. Draw paint, stain, or sealers directly from the can. The adjustable pressure controls overspray while the spray gun swivel increases comfort.

Great for whole house painting yet simple enough for sheds, fences, and decks. Paint your house, barn, shed, garage, deck, fence, cabin, lawn furniture, awning, lattice, and children's playground equipment. It sets up in less than 5 minutes by simply snapping the inlet hose in place and attaching the pressure hose and gun to the outlet. A garden hose connects to the inlet for a quick flush cleaning the entire system in less than 10 minutes. Proven Piston Pump technology and contractor grade siphon tube creates a reliable pump for the homeowner spraying thick latex paints as well as thin stains and sealers in one sprayer. Includes 25' high pressure spray hose, commercial grade metal spray gun, and 515 spray tip. Spray like the pros do.

Affordable Wagner Procoat electric airless sprayer can spray today's thick latex paints without thinning, producing the same great finish as professional sprayers. Adjustable pressure control helps control overspray on thinner materials. Paint flows at 0.24 GPM, ideal for large projects. 1/2 HP provides power to spray a wide range of materials. Flow (GPM): 0.24, Max. Tip Size (in.): 0.015, Paint Capacity (gal.): Draws paint from 1- or 5-gal. pails, HP: 1/2, Max. PSI: 2,800, Hose Length (ft.): 25

Product Features
  1. 2,800 PSI electric piston-pump paint sprayer with 1/2-horsepower motor
  2. Sprays a gallon of paint in 5 minutes, including thick latex, oil-based paints, stains, and sealers
  3. Includes a 25-foot high-pressure airless spray hose and a andle for easy transport around your paint project
  4. Rugged sprayer with commercial-grade metal spray gun and reversible airless spray tip (size 515 included)
  5. Supports up to a .015 airless spray tip and includes a gun swivel
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Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
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