Coating Selection

Coating Selection

Virtually any desired property can be built into the coating if the need exists. Ultraviolet light resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, glossy appearance, smoothness, and many more characteristics can be part of the formula. It is important to carefully define the needs of the end product to be sure that the coating will perform properly. Keep in mind that any special characteristics will probably raise the cost of the paint.

The primary factors to consider in choosing a coating are the task to be performed, (appearance or performance) and the environment the product will be used in.

• Gloss level—high, medium, low
• Finish appearance—smooth, slight texture or orange peel, heavily textured or spatter coated

• UV resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• Abrasion
• Solvent/chemical attack
• Hardness
• Impact resistance

• Manufacturing abuses (forming, machining, or welding after coating)
• Substrate to be coated: plastic, wood, steel, aluminum and castings
• Value of the product and cost per square foot applied
• Exterior or interior use
• Product life expectancy

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