Defoamer Additives for Waterborne Alkyd Coatings

Defoamer Additives for Waterborne Alkyd Coatings

I am formulating waterborne alkyd coatings and need defoamer additives to improve my coating manufacturing, application and performance properties.

Waterborne alkyd coatings are gaining popularity due to their enhanced properties, green chemistry and low VOCs. However, like most resins, waterborne alkyd coatings require specific defoamers to achieve optimal performance. Defoamers reduce or eliminate foam and help avoid production, application and applied coating problems.

Our studies demonstrate that Surfy¯nol® DF-58 and DF-66 silicone defoamers (used at 0.05% to 0.5% of total formula) and Surfy¯nol DF-75 organic oil defoamer (used at 0.2% to 1%) provide excellent compatibility and defoaming. These additives enhance gloss of high-gloss coatings and provide excellent substrate coverage, appearance and protection. In wood coatings, such as clear varnishes and stains, they promote complete coverage, smooth finish, and excellent gloss, clarity and distinctness of image.

In industrial coatings, such as metal primers, they eliminate defects such as pinholes, craters and other defects that can lead to corrosion, disbondment and other failures.

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