Formulation of marine paints

Formulation of marine paints

What marine paint formulationshave proved satisfactory ?

Maritime steel structures normally require highly effective protection against corrosion. This can be achieved by applying a high-build system (200-300 ym) base on chlorinated rubber or epoxy-tar paint. Zinc silicate systems can also be used. In shipbuilding one also uses multi-layer systems with primers based on oil modified phenolic resins or bitumen, the former being used especially for antifouling additives.

For the undercoat one can use linseed oil or wood oil modified phenolic varnishes. The top coat can be based on medium-oil linseed oil alkyd resins for the first coat and long oil soyabean alkyd resins for the finishing coat. For maximum corrosion protection requirements however, the best solution is to use epoxy or chlorinated rubber paints.

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