Printing inks for Polyester Fabrics

Printing inks for Polyester Fabrics

How can we formulate a printing ink for polyester fabrics ?

This type of printing ink can be formulated using acrylate, vinyl and vinylidene and acrylonitrile polymers and copolymers, as well as cellulose derivatives ( alkylated or in ethoxylated or carboxymethylated form ) Products which dry through oxidation are usually synthetic in origin, i.e. modified resins, phenolic resins or ketone resins. Printing inks drying additively are producesd with polysocynates and will usually be two component systems.

The incorporation of swelling agents is probematical. Although they will omprove adhesion between the printing ink and the favric, there may be variations in dyestuff absorption if the fabric has been covered unevenly, so that the printed fabric will have a patchy appearance.

This problem can be overcome by using pigmented inks, but this is recommended only if a change in handle or reducesd rub fastness can be excluded. It should alsobe remembered that extender resins can be added in widely different concentrations, which is a simple method of achieving a whole range of different shades.

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